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Breakthrough Coaching

Let me guess... You feel like you have tried every tip, tool, strategy, and technique to break through but you're still not getting the results you see others getting.


And let's be real here, deep down you know you're smarter than a lot of other people you see succeeding.


Whether it's multiple 6 fig months you see others having or watching them live such a fun and balanced life while you continue to grind and put out fires wondering "what the f is wrong with me"...


Sound familiar?

You know something is messing with you, but you just don't know what it is.

It's your unconscious.

You see, studies now show that 95% of our thoughts, feelings, and actions are happening unconsciously. Meaning, 95% of what we are doing we don't even know we are doing.


This means that when you want to change, only have 5% of you is on board with the change AND the other 95% of your body and mind are absolutely committed to unconsciously creating the same results that you currently have.


How can you ever expect to win that game?

In the testimonials below you’ll hear my clients say, "I don’t know how he does what he does". This is because people expect their results to come from a new process, tool, strategy, or technique. 


If I just gave you another tool or strategy you would be the same person unconsciously (with the same energy) using a new tool.


That actually won't change the long-term outcome - your unconscious will bring you back to what has been familiar, every time.


What we do together is beyond just another strategy, tool, or tactic. It’s a reconnection to yourself and your authentic power. It sounds fluffy but as you can see in the testimonials the results are the real.

This shifts everything. It is a transformation of who you are being.


It's a new you with new energy.  This is what a true breakthrough looks like. 

And the best part, we get your unconscious 95% on board with YOU.


Here is what I know... The one thing everyone wants more than anything is to be connected to who they really are. And, when they meet someone who has done the work to be connected to who they really are, they want what you have (your attention, energy, service, or product).

To be connected to who you really are and to have that energy you must get beyond your unconscious bs that's been holding you back this entire time.

Apply for a Breakthrough Discovery Call below. On the call we will help you gain massive clarity and see if we are a great fit to work together.

Here is an example of what people say after a Breakthrough Discovery Call (she became a client).


Apply below for your Discovery Call.

CLient Love

From aspiring entrepreneur to living her true potential and feeling fulfilled each day. Amanda now co-owns 7 figure business and is on track to do 8 figures this year. 

Lucy doubled her business (7 figures) and has stepped into her power in business. She has started multiple other companies and has never felt more fulfilled in her life.

Since our coaching together, Nick became a best selling author and created a multiple 6 figure in person and online coaching business doing what he loves!

Carole went from being full of self-doubt and about to quit (literally 3 days from her planned day to quit doing sales calls) to making more than she had ever made in a month and now leads a team of her own.

Liz has gone on to help more people to grow and blow up on youtube while also building a business that represents who she really is and what matters most to her in life.

Katie had a significant breakthrough around the energetics of making sales and then transformed her business. Her business is now aligned to who she really is and what makes her feel fulfillment.

Client Wins

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