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I am most passionate about helping entrepreneurs overcome what's really been holding them back.

I help entrepreneurs when they know something has to change but they have no idea what it is or how to do it.


How do we do that? We get to the core of who you are and what has really been holding you back - the 4 invisible blocks that hold most entrepreneurs back.


Then we discover what it is that you really want and set you up so that you are naturally moving towards it.


Aside from that, I am passionate about speaking, storytelling, video creation, and snowboarding. 


Pattern recognition has always been a gift of mine. Because of this,  I have an innate ability to very quickly see what is holding someone back in their life and business. This is due to with the fact that I have been stuck in all of these areas in my life and I became passionate about getting myself and others unstuck.

I have been in this work since 2008. In the last few years I have mentored some of the top names in the online marketing space. 


I have a no bs approach with my clients and when I see you being dishonest with yourself or missing the truth, I help you see it because I hold you to the standard that you don't even know you can reach.


Having said that, I am no drill sergeant. I use my intuition more than any other skill and it pays off for us both. I see what’s possible for you and we don’t have time to let old ways of being or old thoughts hold you back anymore so we get right to it.


My coaching is an expression of who I am and the same goes for the amazing clients that I choose to work with. We are in this together. 


If what i shared resonates with you and you want to work together, click here to apply for Private Coaching with me.




Back Story



For me, most of my life I was told that I talk too much and I asked too many questions. I basically learned at around age 5 that it was best to not be myself and safer to become who everyone wanted me to be.


I spent most of my life feeling like I didn’t belong and that I didn’t fit in. I tried to compensate for it by becoming “successful” in business and even then I constantly felt like a fraud and was left wondering when everyone would realize that I was really just a less than average person that fluked it all. Low self-worth will do that.


I always knew deep down that I was meant to make a positive difference for others but I kept telling myself I had no idea how that could happen. The truth is that I was afraid to think that I really could be the person that deep down I wanted to be in life. 


I had very low self worth and it showed up everywhere in my life. And during all of this I compensated by acting super confident on the outside while I was crumbling on the inside. It wasn't a fun experience.


In 2008 I was working with my first mentor and he helped realize that I was not living true to who I really was. He helped me to see the subconscious "stuff" that was in the way of me really showing up powerfully in my life and business.

Once I realized this, I dove in and started to do the work to step into my power.


Fast forward to today and I am living a life that is in alignment with the real me and who I know I am and can become. 


This life would have scared the shit out of the old me. I am no longer terrified of speaking in front of people and I KNOW what I am here to do and I own it. My life still scares me sometimes but that is the way I want it. If we aren't getting uncomfortable sometimes, we aren't really growing.  ​




CredentialsIn 2008 I became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. This is where I got my start in working with the subconscious mind.


I then became a Certified Master NLP Practitioner (Tony Robbin's main credential) and a Certified Life Coach. 

I have participated in many other leadership and communication trainings and spiritual ceremonies over the years and continue to do so.

In recent years a lot of my training has been focused on Somatic Therapy to help clients release and heal trauma that is currently holding them back.


All of the mindset training helps a lot of people get unstuck but without including the somatic piece, most people usually get stuck again. 

This is why I have created Somatic Theta Reprogramming (STR). It is a one-of-a-kind modality that helps people to reprogram their unconscious in a way that is much easier than trying typical meditation, hypnosis, and other mindset reprogramming techniques.


STR allows you to go much deeper into Theta brain wave state and a lot faster than typical meditations/hypnosis tools. 


Creator of Somatic Theta Reprogramming

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - CC.Ht.

Certified Hypnotherapist - C.Ht.

Master NLP Practitioner 

Certified NLP Life Coach

Certified Time Line Coach & Regression Specialist

Somatic Therapy & Integration Training

Somatic Study and Play Group Workshop

Click here to apply for Private Coaching if you want to overcome the 4 unconscious blocks that are holding you back and so you can finally feel great about the business and life you worked so hard to create.

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